On this  concept we apply the use of an important Focal Point at the front, composed by circles flowing with a mannequin to grab  the customers attention. Since this is a very exclusive merchandise, the display should convey that idea to the clients, yet making the merchandise the most important element at the cart.

Color was  carefully selected to  generate contrast  with the colorful  merchandise while creating  a classy and elegant environment. Delicate details on the fixtures helps to tell the story  of a beautiful boutique that sells great merchandise. Story telling is one of our most powerful tools when doing our creations for the retail industry. The eye is always attracted by a good story being told. Once the brain is captivated by a good short story in few seconds, then the display and the sales person can do the rest, this is an easier way for them to start.

Merchandise should always be carefully selected, to know how they best come together as a group or as a exclusive selection.

The variety is specially relevant to have in mind, much as the techniques to organize this different types of merchandise, they should be grouped together by colors or elements that can be used together, for instance the shoes with the bag, and the dress that goes along with it.

However, all of this thematic, can be de discovered only from the moment that the client is attracted by the initial focal point, the one that grabs his initial attention, and makes the eye explore everything else around it, little by little.

As a result, the whole display is well exposed and discovered by the clients, from an initial glance that is enriched by the charm of everything on its sides.

You can download full ARY’S Report here Ary’s report 1


ARY Concept’s Creative Director / Yohany Albornoz