In today’s visually stimulated world, where competition for the customer’s attention has become fierce, learning to transform a retail environment into an appealing and stimulating platform for shopping is vital to any business, big or small, specially on the Retail world.

From the very  first moment our customers walk into our  store or they see our pushcart for the first time, they are surveying the area and making sense of our brand. The retail displays and props we use, play a big part in telling that story of who we are and what we can offer as a business.

Approximately 3 to 5 seconds is the time it takes for the brand or store to speak visually, introduce itself and attract a customer. It is important for that reason that our display and props are clear and attractive at the same time, easy to understand by the consumer and that raise questions and curiosity to encourage the desire to know more.

For example, in this RMU (image), designed and manufactured by Ary Concept, the design of the display proposes an image that makes it clear with one look what product is being sold (no-tie shoelaces), making it attractive by its colors, presentation and props, shoe – shaped elements generate curiosity in the customer,  and make them get closer to know more about the product.

Easy Tie Design for Miami International Mall, 2016.

Keeping in mind the importance of display and props, we must choose wisely what we will show customers. Whether it be for a seasonal shopping trip or quick convenience stop for water and a candy bar, everything in our store says something about the shopping experience our customers will have.

There are three important aspects that we can take into account when designing and organizing the display of our pushcart or store:

Create a focal point: is the first area that a customer will perceive. It can be the brand name, the slogan, a moving object, a prop, or simply, placing merchandise on a strong angle. For example, on this display designed and manufactured by Ary Concept (image) for girls accessories, the crown with the mirror is the focal point. The idea is making the customer attracted at first sight by that point, and then make him get closer to the offered products.

It is important that the focus point is at the eye level of the costumers.

Bracelet Avenue at Westland Mall, 2015.

Light it properly: Good lighting is one of the most important aspects of in-store design. Lighting not only brings attention to a display, they also warm it up making it more appealing. LED light boxes, light panels, and other illuminated sign holders can help your graphics stand out in crowded areas.

Keep it simple and fresh: the display and props must be designed and organized in a simple way that they are pleasing to the eye and easy to understand; that the products can be distinguished so that the consumer can appreciate them and enjoy his shopping experience. Also, changing your displays often helps to keep your in-store marketing approach fresh. It will keep both you and your customers engaged and ready to often new and exciting things.

There is no better way of grabbing someone’s attention than at a first sight, and a well-dressed display does just that. Whatever display idea you opt for and whatever way you go about it, remember your displays portrays your brand or business, they attract customers and promote your products. Likewise props are a fundamental part of any display. They will spark interest and will form the basis of any good display. All good props work well when used in the correct context.  

Displays and props are one selling device we should not be ignoring. Do not be afraid to be different, put your imagination to fly, contact experts to create something unique  and worthy for your brand, and take advantage of the resources you have to make your exhibition a real pleasure for the eyes and key to your sales.

Authors: Lucia Rincon, Yohany Albornoz