Pop ups 1R

We have recently been involved on the creation of Pop-up Stores, and we have noticed that there are some common questions about the reasons and advantages of this new format which is part of the evolution on the retail industry .

Pop-Ups are generally understood as a short term deal, while in reality they are a great strategy for creating a long term relation with customers for new and existing brands.

In today’s market, new digitally native businesses are born every day, simultaneously stimulating shoppers, being often unknown brands, they might not have yet sufficient trust and the visibility to generate an intention of purchase.

On the other hand, previously established online businesses with an existing clientele often reach a top in their sales growth, or may just want to introduce new products but do not have on hand an immediate way to check the response of their customers to these products.

The question arises, how might these temporary spaces benefit these businesses towards a long term relation with their customers?

We can certainly describe the key advantages for old or new online businesses, mainly driven by social media to get the best of this short term physical experience:

  • Create awareness of new brands
  • Get to know better the potential customer
  • Test new products ideas
  • Show consistency on communicating brand values online and offline
  • Increase seasonal sales
  • Let merchant create a meaningful shopping experience for their customers..
  • Products are understood as unique and exclusive.

They are essentially a great differentiation strategy. Consumers are more likely to trust on a digital brand that also has a physical location, especially because they still want to have the chance to try the products, interact, and feel the brand.

Pop ups 2R

They might not even have stock available for purchase, orders can be taken and merchandise sent directly home. The challenge? Convert this Pop-up on a fulfilling experience that gains the customers trust, engage, and will lead them to a long lasting relation with the brand.